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Community Native Token

MZX is a native music token on the Binance Smart Chain that can be used as a medium of exchange between participants on MUZIX. MZX Token came into existence, in order to provide a secure mode of payment between users and music artists within the Muzix platform.

Instead of exchanging money, Artist & fans will exchange MZX tokens. The young artist will be able to produce music without any hurdles & will earn digital currency in the form of MZX tokens. On the other hand, fans will buy the music NFT of their favorite music artist and get rewarded with MZX tokens.

In order to encourage participants to contribute and participate in the MUZIX platform, we have devised a strategy to distribute MZX tokens.
MZX token creates utility to the global music marketplace where artists will be paid in cryptocurrency for every second of high-fidelity streaming and download of their music.

How to buy MZX tokens?
Buy MZX Token from Pancake swap
Caution use the authentic and only contract address for MZX token:

  • Go to Pancakeswap and select the trade tab
  • Select currency -> paste contract address from above
  • Import token
  • Done. Buy any amount of MZX you want.