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Muzix Soft Launch

Finally we have a Soft Launch!

We are happy to inform you guys we finally have a version we can work with! After a long time developing and a lot of struggles we are almost there!
Also COVID did not help… 🙁

Are you a semi-professional music artist?

Well is here for you to expand your network and provide a stage for you. Also when you would like you can post your portfolio sounds and publish a production when you are in search of a instrumentalist, vocalist or a DJ to collaborate with within the network you built on our amazing platform.

Web platform

In our soft launch we start with the Web platform where we offer musicians a place connect, upload and collaborate. We need YOU to make this work because users on a platform are a key element to succes… So just register , create a profile and just check it out…

Mobile app

Along the way we will be looking into a mobile app for the masses to uses and explore new music from artists who will never be found on a spotify simply because they offer to many musicians. This way we want to offer the musician a new stage to fame!

Thank you and see you on our platform.

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