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Initial Music Offering

  • There is ICO for Coins
  • IEO for Exchanges
  • IDO for DEX

But what about Music? Introducing you to

IMO (Initial Music Offering)

Many of the artists don’t have enough of a portfolio to be considered for a co-publishing contract, so they’re stuck waiting for a royalty check and no means to interact with fans of the song, no matter how big it gets.
The music enthusiast, on the other hand, is on the opposite side of the equation. Fans, who have always been left out of the music licensing business, bring passion to the table, for both artists and specific songs. Whereas the traditional music labels and publishers have dominated this area for decades, Muzix pioneered Initial Music Offerings, allowing artists to launch their music for the first time on a decentralized platform with the attention it deserves.

To create the spotlight and hype an artist deserves in the Muzix IMO section separate fan page of the artist will be made where their portfolio and the release of the new record will be promoted and release and fanbase session can vary from a week to a maximum of 4 weeks (30 days)

Fans will get a chance to get the NFTs of the artist before anyone else NFTs exclusively will be released on the IMO with a discount.