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Frequently Asked Questions


What does it cost?

Using the Muzix platform is free. You can connect, collaborate and just showcase your sounds.

How do i apply for the BETA test?

Just click on one of our PRE-REGISTRATION links and fill in the form. We will create a account for you and notify you with your login details as soon as the BETA version 1.0 is online!

Is releasing a song also free?

This is depending on the collaboration between third party services. You can image that a platform has its cost and needs to get those funds through some channel. BUT… using muzix is free and fun and you can always decide for your self if you purchase a premium service once there are premium services

Can i make music on the platform?

No MUZIX is not a online music tool. It is a social network. At MUZIX you connect to other musicians in order to increase your network and Collaborate on projects. For more more information about Collaborations we would like to revert you to the Collaboration section in this FAQ.


When should i collaborate?

When you get stuck in your song and need help, or when you need to find a vocalist or instrumentalist to execute an idea for your project. Or even when you would like someone to remix your song!

What are STEMS

A Stem file is an audio file that contains a track split into four musical elements: A drums stem, a bassline stem, a harmony stem, and a lead stem for example.

How do i start a collaboration?

When you create a production in the MY PRODUCTION section you set it as a OPEN FOR COLLABORATION production. Then you give information about why you want to collaborate and what you are looking for; vocalist, instrumentalist etc. In order to get in sight of the right artist you also need to give in some variables like, DAW you use, plugins you used and the genre you created this production for. Finally you upload the STEMS of your project.

What is a DAW?

A DAW is Digital Audio Workstation. In this software workstation you create your music. Examples of DAW’s are Ableton Live, Fruityloops etc…


Are you sharing my Data with third parties?

At MUZIX we save your data from your profile, projects and your files you save in your projects in case of a OPEN FOR COLLABORATION project. We do not share or sell your data. If in the future we will be using any API that needs your data we will update you and will be asking for your consent.

Is my music protected?

We protect your royalty as much as we can. We can only do this through our terms and conditions and functionalities we have built in our platform. We can not protect you from evil do-ers, but we are always thinking about protection in the music industry and how we can apply this into a digital sauce…


If you have any ideas, shoot at us!