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Buy, Sell and Invest in music based NFT's

Music NFTs (non-fungibel tokens) are a great way to invest in your favorite Artist or song. You also get the possibility to earn royalties on full licensed NFTs during our staking protocol in the near future.

Our $mzx token What is muzix?

What is muzix?

MUZIX is a decentralized platform meant for music artists to Revolutionize the music industry in the form of nft. Our goal is to develop a secure Music community with secure investment where every individual can earn and grow.

NFT marketplace

Create a safe Music NFT Marketplace that encourages people to create and recognise undiscovered musicians

Binance Smart Chain

Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Superlow Gas fees

Less than 1% gas/commission fee. Isn’t that sweet?

Get invested by fans

Allow fans to invest in their favourite artist or song

Are you ready?

Get started in 3 steps

Step 1

Connect your wallet

Connect your metamask wallet and soon other wallets

Step 2

Finish your Artist profile

Add Some details to your muzix NFT profile

Step 3

Buy and Sell music NFT's

Mint your NFT and start Selling your music

For Users

Collect Music NFTs, Support your favourite artists, Get Royalties on every sale


For Artists

Launch music, Monetize music, Build a fanbase and earn royalties

Community Native Token


Besides BNB is one of the currencies you can pay with on muzix is $mzx. As a matter of fact it is our Community Native Token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). $mzx can be used to:

Buy NFT’s

Sell NFT’s

Get rewards

More about $mzx