Buy, Sell and Invest in music nft’s 

muzix is the new ecosystem on the blockchain for music creators, investors and musiclovers.

  • Buy or Sell your music NFT
  • Own the rights to do with your NFT as you will
  • Creators collect royalty’s of every sale on the platform Own the rights to do with your NFT as you will
These services and partners make muzix possible

Sell your music and get paid instantly in your Crypto wallet

When you sell your music on our NFT marketplace you instantly get the funds of your sale in your crypto wallet. For now we will use Metamask and in the near future Trustwallet will be integrated. 
No metamask yet? Create one now!
Earn cash quick
Stop waiting for your music to launch like a rocket to hit a million listend for a few bucks
Keep earning royalties whenever your music is sold or staked on our marketplace or app

That is how we wrote our Smart Contracts

Get a awesome stage and earn $mzx  with our muzix app!

In the near future our muzix app will give a creator or just a investor in music the stage the song needs. On. this stage your audience can listen to your music and decides how much $mzx you will earn on your song. The more people listen to your music in our app the better!

So why use muzix?

  • Transparently monetising your music
  • NFT’s are hot
  • Instant payments
  • Always earn royalties
  • And it’s just an awesome platform to work with

Get | when the app is in stores

Learn more about our alliances

In order to get muzix up and running we are working with some
great companies and use some of the best services.


Pixelpuur in The Netherlands is our partner in design and interaction and strives for the best userexperience possible.
Reactive Space
Reactive Space is our partner specialised in blockchain and in our case a NFT marketplace
BitXmi is a Defi that will be launching the $mzx token which we will use for staking purposes on muzix.

What our team was to way about muzix

Erik Bazuin

Founder of Muzix

Music has always been a passion for me and as a entrepeneur with a fascination for tech and new concepts the muzix concept has been a vision for a long time now. As NFT’s and Blockchain are getting more and more relevant these days it was a no brainer to move forward with muzix.
Umar Abbas


When Erik reached out to Reactive Space with his request i was eager to know what it was all about. No standard marketplace but a ecosystem serving a lot of targhet audiences!I was intreaged and did not hesitate when Reactive Space got the chance to set this up together with Erik.
Zubaria Fakhar

Lead Designer

I have always been passionate when it comes to music. So when i got the task to work on the user interface of muzix i was very excited!
I can’t wait for this project to go live as i am very positive about the model it represents.

Frequently asked Questions

We have answers to all of your questions, however silly that may sound


What is muzix?

Muzix is a Ecosystem for Artists, Musiclovers or Investors. We believe in a transparant invironment where Artist do not have to wait Till they have thousands and thousands of listen in order to earn a few Bucks.

No.. at muzix you sell your music and get the funds instantly in your metamask wallet.

What about our Rights an Royalties?

Now that’s the fun part. At muzix you sell the Rights of your song or album making the buyer of your music the new rightfull owner. The new owner can do anything what he wants with the music.

If the buyer sells the music again on our marketplace you as a creator will earn a % of the sale as a Royalty on top of the Price you allready not from your initial sale.

So what about a Stage to get Some exposure?

Sure! We believe that every artist deserves a chance and that people like to hear and discover new music.

Thats why in the near future we will have a native iOS and Android App where music can be released and the General public can download and listen to the music.

How do you release a song on muzix?

Just upload a song and choose to stake a song Rather then Selling it.

Staking the song on muzix releases the song in the App and now the fun starts.

The more your songs are listened to and the more likes they get. The more popular your song is and the more $mzx you will mine / earn as a royalty.

Huh, $mzx?

$mzx is the muzix token that is a native token (our currency) that is used on the platform for the royalties that you earn for staking a song.

Trust Wallet or Metamask?

Both are compatible and supported at Reves NFT Marketplace.

The transaction was successful but I don't see my NFT on the marketplace?

At times, BSC network can be overwhelmed which is why in such a case, it is recommended to try minting an NFT a little bit later.

When should I expect to get paid for my NFT sales?

Your payment is transferred straight to your wallet, instantly.

Can I share my NFT on other social networks?

Yes! Simply copy the URL link from your DApp browser and you’re good to go.

When will my NFT appear on the explore page or under the relevant category?

Almost instantly! The algorithm analyzes your image and description to place it in the most relevant section for appropriate reach.

Error while uploading metadata. Ik

Update your Trust Wallet. If that doesn’t work then reach out to Trust Wallet’s support team to help you figure out the problem. If not that, try to use MetaMask which usually solves this problem.

How much do I pay for minting/creating an NFT at Reves compared to ETH?

It is cheaper than an ETH as you only pay for blockchain fee of $0.70 per NFT. However, on a larger scale that means you can mint 70 NFTs for $70.

Let’s change the way we use music in our benefit!

It does not matter if you are a artist, a (crypto) investor or plain love to listen to music. Muzix will provide a ecosystem that will serve all these targetaudiences.


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