What is MUZIX

We’ve built a platform
to connect Online Producers & Musicians.

MUZIX is a platform with focus on the future when we talk about the music industry. For all you techies out there we aim to get this concept on the blockchain with smartcontracts, but hé… That is for the futre.

Then what will MUZIX be in the present day?
For now we would like to connect Online Producers and musicians to each other in order to expand networks locally and internationally and get more creative music out there. Because…

” Together we are more creative “


Because you have nothing to lose only to gain...

Muzix is born out of love for music, online producing and the impatience and displeasure of a musicians block and having no network of musicians to work with.

Now you can:

Expand your network

You just look for musicians or producers that operate in the same music genre, city or some mutual piece of software or plugin used to create those awesome tunes.

Judge & Collaborate

You can put your project to the test and get your comments from other users or share your stems with those you collaborate with to create more creative music.

Release online

When you post a project that is finished we at MUZIX will judge your skills and give feedback and if we really like it? We will release your song under our label.


Do you want to be the first one to join?

MUZIX is just starting and offcourse needs your help to be succesful. We need you to use our platform and give us feedback in our pre-release! Do you want to be part of this? We sure hope so!!

What will you be paying attention to?


Does it meet your expections of a beautiful platform?


Does the platform work like you expect?


Does it contain enough functionality or are you missing something?

Fun Factor

Do you like using it?


Is the content sufficient? So are your plug-ins and DAW's registered in our platform etc...

What's your advice for us?

If you any advice for us, please share so we can try to take this advice in our future development rounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided you with some probable questions and answers. Is your question not listed just holler at us through Telegram or Contactform and we will add your question and provide you an answer.

What does it cost?

MUZIX is completely free for use and it will stay for free!

Is releasing a song also free?

We at MUZIX decide for ourselves. So the music we want to release is free of cost for the producer. We can not look into the future though. If MUZIX is a succes we will be building our own tool for releasing songs and that might cost some fee. But this is not the case for a long shot!

How do i apply for the BETA test?

Just click on one of our PRE-REGISTRATION links and fill in the form. We will create a account for you and notify you with your login details as soon as the BETA version 1.0 is online!

Can i make music on the platform?

No MUZIX is not a online music tool. It is a social network. At MUZIX you connect to other musicians in order to increase your network and Collaborate on projects. For more more information about Collaborations we would like to revert you to the Collaboration section in this FAQ.

Do you have some other question? Fill in our contactform and we will get back to you!

When should i collaborate?

When you get stuck in your song and need help, or when you need to find a vocalist or instrumentalist to execute an idea for your project. Or even when you would like someone to remix your song!

How do i start a collaboration?

When you create a production in the MY PRODUCTION section you set it as a OPEN FOR COLLABORATION production. Then you give information about why you want to collaborate and what you are looking for; vocalist, instrumentalist etc. In order to get in sight of the right artist you also need to give in some variables like, DAW you use, plugins you used and the genre you created this production for. FInally you upload the STEMS of your project.

What are STEMS?

A Stem file is an audio file that contains a track split into four musical elements: A drums stem, a bassline stem, a harmony stem, and a lead stem for example.

What is a DAW?

A DAW is Digital Audio Workstation. In this software workstation you create your music. Examples of DAW's are Ableton Live, Fruityloops etc...

Are you sharing my Data with third parties?

At MUZIX we save your data from your profile, projects and your files you save in your projects in case of a OPEN FOR COLLABORATION project. We do not share or sell your data. If in the future we will be using any API that needs your data we will update you and will be asking for your consent.

Is my music protected?

We protect your royalty as much as we can. We can only do this through our terms and conditions and in platform build functionalities that so that both parties in a collaboration need to give consent and understand all rights to this collaboration.


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